The Aesthetics and Rationality of African Fractals


The historical experiences of Black people highlight the importance of reaffirming their pride as a race and preventing the recurrence of dehumanizing experiences, sociological misinterpretations, and ideological misrepresentations of their culture, ontology, and indigenous knowledge systems. To achieve this goal, Black people must be "painted black" - an invitation for Black people to project how they should be seen and for others to avoid consciously or unconsciously distorting the lives and realities of Black people. Contemporary media, particularly social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, provide a valuable context for this project. While these platforms have been used to criminalize the Black race and perpetuate race-based language and stereotypes, they have also been used by Black people to showcase their culture, lifestyle, history, arts, technologies, fashions, and indigenous knowledge systems. This research in visual digital humanities focuses on how Black people have painted themselves "black" on Instagram.